Why Learning Quran online?

You can Learn anytime, anywhere You Just need Mushaf, internet and computer or phone and go.

Why Should You Choose us ?

We are Arabian company and All of our Teachers Native Arabic speakers so be sure you will get high quality education

Our Courses

Ayatinstitute have a lot of islamic Courses like Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Tajweed of Quran, 10 qiraat, Tawheed, and Courses for New Muslims

Take Free Trial Class

You can take more than one trial class with different teacher till will be satisfied and if you're group can get discount

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Latest Courses

  • 38 students enrolled Ayat Institute

    Every Muslim is ordered to learn his religion like prayer(Salat), fasting, The Shahada, Zakat, Hajj and other islamic issues .

  • 77 students enrolled Ayat Institute

    The Five Pillars of Islam are the system of the Muslim life. They are the declaration of confidence, petition, giving zakat,fasting amid the long stretch of Ramadan,

  • 54 students enrolled Ayat Institute

    There are many Books for learning Arabic and Quran Reading (Noorani Qaida) one of them, featuring of this book is easiest, clear and suitable for beginners .

  • 87 students enrolled Ayat Institute

    No doubt reading Quran is one the greatest act to Approaching to Allah so you must learn correct reading before start to recite Quran

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    Free Trail Class


    Native arabic speakers

    Our Services

    Ayatinstitute is islamic education company have A lot of Courses like Quran reading, Tajweed, Qiraat, Islamic studies, Tafseer, Hadith, Tawheed and more ….

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    We Offer

    We offer free trial class until you be satisfied so you have option to change the teacher and take other trail class We take fees in advance after you finished the trial class.

    WE OFFER LESS PRICE TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO LEARN QURAN .therefore don’t care about money we can reduce the fee for your status

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