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Welcome to Ayat institute for online quran teaching.
Learn Quran Correct your mistakes and Prayer etc.
Most people do not distinguish between ( “ط ت، س ص ث، ا ع،ہ ح،ض ذ ظ ” )Remember If the words change,then your prayer will be incomplete so join us to recite correctly.

Learn Holy Quran with Ayat institute 

1.No need to go out of your home be safe at your house.
2.One to one classes through skype or zoom .
3.Highly educated staff.
4.Normal fee pakage.
5.Equally helpful for kids and adults.
6.Male and female tutor available.
7.Join us for one or more free trial its free of cost .

Our Gools


  • Correctness not speed
  • Simplicity not complexity
  • Tajweed not mere reading
  • Focus on Quality and not on Quantity
  • Teach the right way of reading Quran
  • Teach any student who wants to learn even if it means free teaching
  • Give no stress to students and teach keeping in view the capacity of the student
  • Every kid should be taught the basics of Islam, importance of Quran and Hadeeth
  • Have regular meetings with parents and inform them about their child’s performance
  • Impart the importance of Quran & Hadeeth and to lead their lives according to Quran & Hadeeth