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about us

Welcome to Ayat institute for online quran teaching.
Learn Quran to Correct your mistakes and Prayer etc.
Most people do not distinguish between ( “ط ت، س ص ث، ا ع،ہ ح،ض ذ ظ ” )Remember If the words change,then your prayer will be incomplete so join us to recite correctly.

Why should you Learn Holy Quran with Ayat institute  ?

1.No need to go out of your home be safe at your house.
2.One to one classes through skype or zoom .
3.Highly educated staff.
4.Normal fee pakage.
5.Equally helpful for kids and adults.
6.Male and female tutor available.
7.Join us for one or more free trial its free of cost .

Our Gools

  • Correctness not speed
  • Simplicity not complexity
  • Tajweed not mere reading
  • Focus on Quality and not on Quantity
  • Teach the right way of reading Quran
  • Teach any student who wants to learn even if it means free teaching
  • Give no stress to students and teach keeping in view the capacity of the student
  • Every kid should be taught the basics of Islam, importance of Quran and Hadeeth
  • Have regular meetings with parents and inform them about their child’s performance
  • Impart the importance of Quran & Hadeeth and to lead their lives according to Quran & Hadeeth.

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