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January30, 2018
by Ayat Institute

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AL-ITH-HAR ASH-SHAFAWI   الإظهارَالشفوي


AL-ITH-HAR means: Clear

Pronouncing every letter from its articulation point without prolonged ghunnah on the clear
letter (meem).

When meem saakinah is followed by any of the arabic letters other than ب or  م  ( litters-26 ).It has to be pronounced clearly (complete contact of the two lips.

This can be in one word or between two words.

The word Shafawi because the articulation point of the letter meem from the lips.



الحمد لله –  أمشاج

NOTE: There needs to be a special care taken that the Ith-har of the meem is complete when a و or ف follow it, this care is needed in that the reader should be careful to close his lips completely and not to
say meem with Ikhfaa’.
This possibility of saying meem with an ikhfaa before these two lett due to the proximity of the articulation point of meem with the و or ف .


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