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June30, 2019
by Ayat Institute

How to read Quran with Tajweed – Qaida Lessons:

How to read Quran / Arabic for beginners who want to read classical Arabic. Quran Reading with Tajweed for beginners:


This course is designed to teach you Arabic letters, lower case and upper case, how to join letters, use of vowels, long vowels, silent letters, examples for practice, double letters, how to spell, punctuation. etc.

in this course I am teaching Qaida, Qaeda, Beginners book for Arabic reading,

The material included in course is basic book for beginners. All material is videos for better learning. So, you come to know how to pronounce the proper way.

How long will it to complete? It depends upon the learners. If you are more interested in different languages, and you have some idea of Arabic then it will take you short time. Similarly, if your language is from the same family as Arabic, then it will take very short time.

You need to take this course for learning how to read. So, before taking any course in Arabic language or translating or any course where you need to read Arabic, If you take this course before it, then the coming course is going to be easy for you.


  • This is very basic course. For taking this course, you need only passion and love for learning. 🙂
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for those who want to take first step in Arabic Reading
  • Those who know how to read classicle Arabic but they need to improve their pronunciation can also join this course
  • Example: New Muslims, Kids, adults who didn’t learn with Tajweed before, or those who just want to read Arabic.


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Memorization Quran for Kids:

online quran classes


Memorization of the Qur’an with tajweed is often a big challenge for every absolute beginner. Every word has to be pronounced correctly while applying the correct reading rules simultaneously. This course aims at simplifying the reading of the Quran in a way that facilitates its quick yet sound memorization with tajweed.


  • A pupil is required to have access to a voice recording and playback device and a set of headphones as well.
  • Parents are required to guide each child through recording his /her voice and playing it back in order to compare their recitations with that of the teacher.
  • They are also required to print out two worksheets( one with dotted traceable letters and the other with lines) for each of the alphabets as well as colouring sheets for the alphabets from the links that shall be provided across the course.

Build a solid foundation of fluency in the pronunciation of words and reading of sentences with these lectures that are basically designed for kids. 

  • Word by word memorization of the last ten chapters of the Qur’an
  • The Arabic alphabets and some of the words each of them starts
  • Writing of the Arabic alphabets

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginning reciters, through this course of 30 lectures and 9 hours of content, you shall be taken through word-by-word memorization of verses until you are able to recite long sentences fluently insha Allah.Guidelines towards the perfection of memorized verses are  provided at the end of each lecture.

The course will take an average of six months to cover insha Allah and at the end of the course, you shall be able to recite the last ten chapters of the Quran by heart .You’ll be able to write and pronounce the Arabic alphabets correctly and sequentially.

Letter words taught  by defining and drilling with the use of visuals(graphics, text and animations) to reinforce learning will help students to be able to refer to common objects and animals by their Arabic names.This shall also be tested using memory games insha Allah.

With these lessons,you will have the basic skills to memorize longer chapters at greater speed and you will have built a strong foundation for your reading and writing in Arabic.You will also receive a verifiable certificate of completion when you finish the course insha Allah.

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Learn to Read and Write Arabic For Beginners

learn arabic online


Synopsis: ‘Learn to Read and Write Arabic’ is wonderfully refreshing Arabic reading course that takes learners with absolutely no knowledge in the Arabic language on a path towards reaching reading fluency like a native. As the tagline states, it’s ‘your first steps towards learning the Arabic language’.

The Ultimate Arabic Reading and Writing Course for All Levels

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to recognize, read, and pronounce perfectly the Arabic language
  • Learn what the Arabic letters look like in their various forms
  • Read Arabic literature fluently in its natural connected form
  • Practice their Arabic writing skills
  • Practice their Arabic listening skills
  • Learn the meanings of many day to day words as a natural consequence of the learning proces


  • It’s a beginner course – so no previous experience or knowledge necessary. Absolute beginners can take this course
  • The language of instruction is English so students should have basic grasp of the English language
  • Commitment – as with anything in life, the repetition of any ideal leads to its manifestation. Being consistent and persevering will ensure success.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for students who have no previous knowledge of Arabic and who wish to gain a rapid understanding of the language.
  • Those that have perhaps done some Arabic in the past but need to brush up on those basic skills again before venturing into studying Arabic grammar
  • Those that are perhaps starting Arabic grammar studies soon and need to learn how to read the language as a prerequisite. This course offers a low-cost option.
  • Anybody that wants to learn to read Arabic.


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Learn to read Quran verse by verse

quran reading online free


Quran Recitation Course

The primary objective of this course is to help students recite Quran in the way it is to be recited. This course helps the students regarding the rules that need to be followed in order to recite the words and verses properly. After completion of this course successfully, a student is able to recite Quran like an expert. Insha’Allah.


  • Pupils should be able to read and write the Arabic alphabets correctly
  • This is the basic course for Quran learners. For taking this course, you need only passion and love for learning.

Prime Goals of Learning Quran

  • Learning Quran is a religious obligation hence its learning fulfills this duty.
  • By learning Quran you can understand the ultimate guiding rules and principles.
  • We come in direct contact with the word of Almighty Allah.
  • Access guiding principles regarding the way of living life as Allah Almighty wants us to live.


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Quran Translation, And Explanation

Learn Tafsir Online

Quran In English To Understand Selected Passages Of The Last Revealed Book Holy Quran


This Course is professionally made for anyone who wants to understand translation and explanation of Quranic passages.Easy English is used in explaining,so anyone can understand,and if there are any difficult words in Quran translation,then these difficult words are explained in easy words.The translation ,and the meaning of difficult words in passage,and theme of passage, and its importance will be shown on the screen,so students can follow what is being explained. Students will also be provided notes of all lessons for free.Practice Questions will be given at the end of each lesson.Students can repeatedly watch them at their own times,at their comfort zones,and get more individual concentration.

Course will also benefit O level students appearing for Islamiat paper they can prepare themselves for their o levels exams easily while sitting at their homes ,thus saving their time and energy from travelling one place to another for studying,and can get prepared for exams in less time and in an easy way.

Each Lecture discusses one Passage, and is divided into four parts:

1) Introduction Of The Selected Quranic Passage

2) Translation and Explanation Of The Passage.

3) Themes Of the Passage

4) Importance Of The Theme In Muslim’s Lives


  • Does not require any prerequisites, Any Muslim or Non Muslim can ,or who does not have any religion background can take this course


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Islamic studies for beginners

islamic classes online

A comprehensive Islamic education based on the Quran and the Hadith.


This course has been designed to present young students and new Islamic converts comprehensive Islamic education based on the Quran and Hadith. It is also an ideal tool for home schooling involving both the parents and children. In this way, children will not only learn the ethical values conveyed by the message of Islam but they will also be stimulate to want to know more about Islamic teachings when they grow up.


  • Interest in Islam
  • A pen and notebook to jet down important points

Who this course is for:

  • New converts
  • Islamic students ( ages 5 and above )
  • Anyone with general interest to know about Islam
  • Parents for home-schooling their childrenز


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