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Articulation Points part 1

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-part-22: Articulation Points part 1             مخــارج الحـروف الجزء الأول

ARTICULATION POINTS   مخــارج الحـروف

  • Articulation point is the place from where a letter is pronounced, making its sound different from the sound of other letters.
  • Each Quranic letter has different articulation point.
  • A letter is only a sound that relies on a specific articulation point.

-Five major areas of the human body are used to pronounce different letters.

There are 17 different articulation points to pronounce the 28 original letters and the Madd letters.

Five major areas

learn quran online with tajweed


1- SPECIFIC ARTICULATION POINT :  Relies on specific place of the areas of the tongue, throat or lips.
2- APPROXIMATE ARTICULATION POINT:  Does not rely on specific place of the areas of the -tongue,throat or lips . The approximate articulation point is applied to the lengthened letters that come from the empty space in the mouth and throat.




learn quran online with tajweed


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