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learn quran online


learn quran with tajweed: 

learn tajweed online You either need a translator tool or dictionary to help you understand the meaning, but you also need a text speller to read words in the mentioned language. Assuming that you are reading these Books and magazines which are written by humans that may contain errors and they are subject to the writer’s’ opinions & emotions online quran classes .

online quran classes But not all books written in any language, you could use a dictionary & speller to discover their beauty. Indeed, reading Quran, Allah’s words; unaltered, infallible, unique rhythm, intact text, flawless, miraculous, eloquent, revealed through years, is yet to be cared for learn quran with tajweed .

online quran classes How to care for the Quran, the holy book Learn quran with tajweed ?

learn tajweed online  Scholars have set certain manners when reading or approaching Quran, In addition of being pure in terms of performing ablution, physically neat and clean, facing Qiblah,  Allah has said in the Quran; not to touch Quran  unless on state of purity, Also prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessing be upon him) used to use siwak before every prayer.

learn tajweed online Moreover, purifying one’s soul and mind away from general life distractions, pondering in Allah’s purpose in the verses, should not cut off recitation unless necessary, recite Quran in a slow paced manner, pronounce each letter, perform the prostrations of recitation,  and Above all, applying the tajweed rules when reciting Quran.

What is tajweed and what are the rules of tajweed quran with tajweed ?

Tajweed linguistically means betterment.

The term tajweed usually refers to the rights and dues of the letters, means the proper pronunciation of the Arabic letters from its correct articulation points. Tajweed is like the grammar of reading Quran, one of the noblest science of Quran. A unique science branch that compiles lots of rewards to Muslims.

Applying tajweed rules (practically) when reciting Quran is Fard Ain , means obligatory on every Muslim, while acknowledging tajweed terms (theortically) is Fard Kefayaa, means a common responsibility among Muslim nation.

online quran classes It was proved in the authenticated hadeeth that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) used to read the Quran word by word and letter by letter, applying elongation whenever required.

Imam Ibn Aljazaryee said it is compulsory to learn tajweed , whoever reads without tajweed , commits sins.

Rules of tajweed implies the articulation points of the Arabic letters, their characteristics (sifat), noon sakin, meem saakin and laam sakin rules, the mudood rules (lengthening), relationship between adjacent letters, qalqalah letters, rules of stopping and other rules.

How can I learn Tajweed?

Tajweed science should be learned orally, transmitted from authorized Quran teachers to students through multiple channels;

  • A near mosque or Islamic center/schools that host on-site Arabic & Quran learning classes
  • Assigned Quran tutors deliver Islamic teachings sessions, Arabic & Quran Learning at your home.
  • Some students resort to self-learning techniques through following youtube educational videos, which is not sufficient for proper Quran learning nor meticulous letters pronunciation.
  • But, if the urge for learning Arabic language necessitates traveling cross- border to get in direct contact with a native Arabic speaker! Needless to say, that sophisticated technologies nowadays permit learning Quran or Arabic online through well- qualified, competent, and authenticated Quran tutors, Qaris & Arabic teachers. You only need unlimited internet access, online meeting platform, headphone supported with microphone, desktop/ laptop or even smart phone to undergo a journey of learning online Quran and Reading Arabic course.