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Ijazah is a license authorizing its holder to transmit certain Quranic knowledge to others. It is a testimony from a sheikh -who is already holding ijazah- to a Quran scholar that he has recited or memorized the entire Quran with perfection, proficiency, Tajweed, and distinction between the similarities.  

Importance of ijazah-course:

Ijazah is one of the main factors that preserved the Quranic knowledge from any manipulation or mistakes across ages, so Ijazah has a role for Islam in general.

  On another hand, Ijazah-course has great benefits for the Muslim person himself, as it helps him to reach a perfect level in reciting Quran and be in a high level of paradise, as Prophet Muhammad -peace and blessings be upon him- said: (It is said to the reader of the Quran: Read, rise, and chant as you used to chant in the world, for your status is at the last verse you read).

You can join those who are called “the companion of Quran” when you pass an ijazah-course successfully, as Prophet Muhammad -peace and blessings be upon him- said (Who reads the Quran and who is skilled in it, with the angels of the heaven who are honorable, righteous …..) as they become attached to the blessed chain of the Quran transmission which is continuous and unbroken. 

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The correct way to get an Ijazah in Quran is by attending an Ijazah-course, these courses are designed to attain the perfection level in reciting and memorizing of Quran at the hands of ijazah certified Shaikhs and tutors. You can obtain an Ijaza in memorization of the Holy Quran through ijazah-course, and you can also obtain an ijazah in recitation with Tjweed of the Holy Quran too.

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How to obtain ijazah?

Upon completion the ijazah-course successfully, you will have the corresponding Ijazah certificate, so that for obtaining ijazah in recitation with Tajweed, the student must recite the whole Quran with Tajweed correctly from Mushaf ( the Book of Quran) at the end of the ijazah-course, and for the ijazah in memorization, the student must recite the whole Quran in one or more qiraa by heart to the tutor at the end of the ijazah-course.

 In ijazah-course the students learn advanced topics in Tajweed and qirat with repetition until attaining the perfection level in one or more of the ten qirat.

You can join an online ijazah-course, so you can have one-to-one session by experienced tutors who can teach you the Holy Quran with Tajweed and Hifz.

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Subtypes of Ijazah:

When you join an ijazah-course to obtain ijazah in recitation for example, you will find that this type of ijazah is devided into four subtypes:

1- Ijazah in one narrative as “Ijazah with Hafs from Asim”.

2-Ijaza in the seven fixed readings “seven qiraat” and it is by “the shatipya”.

3-Ijazah in the three readings that are complementary  to the ten readings by “Al-Durra Al-mody’a”  and these ten readings are called the minor ten qiraat. 

 4-Ijaza in the greatest ten qiraat by “typat Al-Nashr”.