Lam sakinah rules

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Part-13: Lam Sakinah rules

Lam sakinah rules:

–  introduction

In the first you have to know the articulation point of ( ل ) lam letter.

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This letters articulation point is from the nearest part of the sides of the tongue and the end of its tip, and what lies opposite to it of the gums of the first two upper premolars, the two upper canines, the two upper lateral incisors and the two upper front incisors.


HEAVY & LIGHT    ل :

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Rules for The Laam in the Name of Allah:
1. If there is a Fatha or a Dhamma before the word of Allah or Allahum, then laam in Allah will be heavy.
2. If there is a kasrah before the word Allah, then the Laam in Allah or Allahum will be light.
3. If the reader starts reading with the name of Allah, then Laam in Allah or Allahum will be heavy (الله اللهم .

The Lam sakinah in the Quran are of five categories :

1- Lam of the definite article “The” .

2- The lam in a verb.

3- The lam in a noun .

4-  The lam of command .

5-  The lam in a participle .

in next class will start with rules of lam Saakinah

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