Learn Quran online V.S Mosque

learn Quran online vs mosque

what is the better Learn Quran online V.S Mosque ?

No doubt learning Quran in mosque is traditional way for hundreds years.
– But these days it is change . The new Technology makes easy communications between Muslims all over the world.
– on other hand many Muslims in USA, Britain, india, Pakistan and any countries do not have Mosque or Quran’s Sheikh (reciter). what will you do ? the great solution is learning Quran by internet.

what is the feature of online learning ?

1- any time (you just need to connect with Quran Teacher ( Sheikh) and approve to time ).
2- anywhere ( because we use the internet it is easy and available all over the word ).
3- any age ( no matter you are child , old , young or any age i will find right Teacher ).
4- any gender ( there are males and females teachers in any Quran internet company or institute ).
5- you have money or not, always there are free Classes on internet check this site


How can you find the best Quran’s Teacher online ?

Two Ways you can be ensure get good instructor:
A- search on vary websites and take free trial class to test teacher.
maybe it is good way but the problem is you don’t qualify to discover good teacher from bad Teacher.
B- your friend, neighbour or relative elect Quran teacher for you. but you miss chance to find and test other great Quran teacher.

choose Arabic native speakers teachers.

it’s so important arabic speakers mean right accent , articulation points understanding the meaning of the Quran.

if i want to learn English language i will search for teacher from USA England is it right ?