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Learn Ten Qirat Online

May29, 2018
by Ayat Institute

Learn ten Qirat online with best educators online from Egypt. Ayatinstitute encourage intrigued understudies with this opportunity. Lets have a short presentation ot these ten Qirat. In Quran, Qira’at, truly implies the readings, and communicatively implies the technique for recitation of the Holy Quran. Customarily, there are 10 perceived schools of Qira’at, and every one gets its name from the renowned peruser of the Holy Quran recitation.

Inside the Qira’at, there are two classifications:

1) Mutawatir: The transmission which has free chains of specialists so wide as to discount the likelihood of any mistake and on which there is agreement of Ulema ot that time.

2) Mashhur: these are somewhat less wide in their transmission, yet at the same time so wide as to make mistake profoundly improbable to happen.

There are 7 Mutawatir Qira’at:

1) Nafi’ (d. 169/785)

2) Ibn Kathir (d. 120/737)

3) Abu ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ala’ (d. 154/762)

4) Ibn ‘Amir (d. 154/762)

5) ‘Asim (d. 127/744)

6) Hamza (d. 156/772)

7) al-Kisa’i (d. 189/904)

There are 3 Mashhur:

1) Abu Ja’far (d. 130/747)

2) Ya’qub (d. 205/820)

3) Khalaf (d. 229/843)

Lets learn ten Qirat online with Ayatinstitute’s instructor with best procedure.





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