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Pillars of Islam

May29, 2018
by Ayat Institute

Islam is the awesome and the genuine religion of God Allah Al-Mighty. Islam is in excess of a religion as it guides you to carry on with the entire life as indicated by the perfect direction. Islam is called Deen, that arrangements with your convictions, ceremonies, exchanges, and good qualities which implies it is the code for the common life and the life-from this point forward .

It has five basic elements which are called Pillars of Islam.

1- Declaration

It is to articulate that ” There is no god however Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) is His ambassador”. One somebody expresses this he/she winds up Muslim and one needs to take after Islam appropriately.

2- Prayer

There are five petitions in a day and Jummah supplication on each Friday when Muslims assembled in mosques and complete a sermons and play out the Salah/supplication. Men offer is Masjid and ladies offer it at home.

3- Fasting

This is to quick and go without shape eating, drinking and some different things from day break to nightfall in the Holy month of Ramadan. All Muslims quick with an incredible enthusiasm in this Holy Month.

4- Alms

It is to give your riches to poor people on the off chance that you have bottomless of it. 2.5% is given once every year on the off chance that you hold the riches the entire year.

5- Pilgrimage

Muslims should visit the Makkah in the event that they have money related assets and play out the ceremonies depicted in the Quran and Sunnah.

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