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Quran for Kids

February27, 2018
by Ayat Institute

When the word ‘Quran’ is mentioned, what your child’s first reaction? Some children might initially think that learning to read the Quran is a chore and something that can’t understand, but with the right approach and encouragement, this opinion can be reversed.

Reading the Quran can and should be fun and fulfilling for your child, because it will affect their life relationship with the Book of Allah. So it’s definitely a worthwhile investment of your time to figure our a few ways to make Quran time time. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Lap of the mother is the first school of the child. Being Muslim parents, as our children grow up, we feel a very worry about how to teach Quran to kids.

Just as we are worried about their practical education, we send them to school, set up tuition for them, in the same manner, we must be highly concerned about teaching Quran to kids. Obviously, parents especially mothers are responsible for personal grooming and teachings of a child, so this response is primarily your duty. Feeling the weight of responsibility on our shoulders, we come across many questions regarding teaching Quran to kids.

quran kids

Learn Kids Now:

Quran for kids is always keen to achieve the best. We have been teaching online Quran lesson with Tajweed to kids and elders from last 10 years. Kids Quran key of success is shown through our satisfied students internationally. Quran for kids has student present in the United States, Canada, Europe, and United Kingdom even in many Middle East countries.
Now the question comes why chose Kids Quran for Quran reading classes?
(1) We have a team of highly qualified Teachers with deep knowledge in teaching Koran. The key point is knowledge in Holy Scriptures is 1 thing but teaching is another.
(2) The Classes are 1 to 1 so the tutors teach 1 student per class. It makes it easy to focus on the student and enhance their ability to learn Holy Scriptures fast.
(3) There is specialized and separate teaching staff for kids and elders. The reason behind this has everyone had a different speed of reading Quran.
(4) You can have classes through Quran for kids whenever your want.
(1) The student can choose the time of their convenient.
(2) You can select your days for Quran Reading.
(3) The Classes are online so you can take it from home or where ever you want from.


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You can learn Quran online privately. see our courses.

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