Surah Fatiha In English

Surah Fatiha In English

Introduction of Surah fatiha

It is called “the Mother of the Book (the Holy Quran)”, and it is the first surah in the arrangement of the surahs in the book of Quran and the fifth one in the order of revelation .

Surah fatiha is also called “The seven Mathani” as it consists of seven verses,  and the word “Mathani” could mean that Muslims pray “pay tribute ” to Allah  the Almighty by reciting surah fatiha, it also could mean repetition, referring to that Muslims repeat it in each single Rakaa’ in their prayers.

The virtue of surah fatiha:

Surah fatiha has many virtues, it suffices that Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him- said about surah fatiha to Abu Sa’id bin Al-Mu’alla:

(Shall I teach you a Suruh that is the greatest Suruh in the Quran before you leave the mosque?…… it is Alhamdu lillahi Rabbil ‘Alamin “i.e., surah fatiha”).

And he –peace and bessings be upon him- said also:

(I swear by Who has my soul in His hands, that there is nothing in the Torah, neither in the Bible, nor in the Zabur  or in the Quran, quite like it), so surah fatiha is not only the greatest surah in the Holy Quran, it is also the greatest surah in all the heavenly books, what an honor this surah have!

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Learning surah fatiha:

All Muslims should learn surah fatiha as they need to recite it during their prayers, but the importance of learning and memorizing surah fatiha is not  only limited to the prayer,

Muslims also have to learn surah fatiha as it includes the whole meanings of the Quran in general witch are related to the monotheism, so when you learn and study the meanings of surah fatiha you increase your faith and certainty in Tawhid  (the oneness of Allah).

In addition to all this, learning Surah fatiha is necessary for Roqia (incatation) as surah fatiha helps heal  body and spirit.

Another virtue of surah fatiha:

do you want to ask Allah the Almighty to help you find the right path of those people that He blesses them? do you want your supplication to be accepted?

You just need to recite surah fatiha as it includes this supplication which is preceded by praise, glorification, and monotheism and they all  help in the acceptance of your supplication.

And now, do you want Allah to talk to you? do you want to have a conversation with Allah the Almighty? If the answer is yes, here you are this surprise, surah fatiha is a dialogue between you and Allah the Almighty!

Allah the Almighty said in Hadith Qudsi:

(The prayer was divided between Me and My servant, and I respond to what my servant asks).

So when you say (Guide us to the straight path, the path of people who you’ve blessed them, and you are not angry with them and they are not being lost),

Allah the Almighty says: (This is for my servant, and I respond to all my servant asks)!

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