The Arabic Alphabets part-1

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The Arabic Alphabets part-1

Introduction to the Alphabets:

Arabic is read from right to left
• Almost all the letters in an Arabic word are joined together like hand writing
• Some letters can’t join because of their shape, but we’ll see them as they come
• There are 29 letters in the Arabic alphabet
• There is no such thing as capital letters versus small letters
• There is no such thing as printing versus hand writing, Arabic is all hand writing
• All the letters in the alphabet are consonants
• Vowels are separate marks that go on top or underneath these letters
• The letters are shown below:

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1. Alif                    a as in Dad                     أ
2. Baa’                  b as in wake                  ب
3. Taa’ t                as in take                       ت
4. Thiaa th           as in thin                       ث
5. Jiim j                as in joke                       ج
6. H’aa’            an’h’ 6vt much deeper in the throat           ح
7. X’aa              closest is Scottish’ch’as in Loch                   خ
8. Daal              d as in day                        د
9. Thaal            th  as in There                  ذ
10.Raa’             r as in Room                     ر
11.Zaay             z  as in zeal                        ز
12.Siin              s as in sake                       س
13.Shiin           sh as in shake                  ش
14.Saad            s as in Some                    ص
15.Daad          no English equivalent     ض
16.Taa’            no English equivalent     ط
17.Th: aa’        no English equivalent     ظ
18.‘Ayn            no English equivalent    ع
19.Ghayn        no English equivalent غ20.Faa’ f as in floor     ف
21.Qaaf            g as in Going                   ق
22.Kaaf            k as in kind                     ك
23.Laam          l as in Long                     ل
24.Miim          m as in make                  م
25.Noun          n as in none                   ن
26.Haa’            h as in Honey                هـ
27.Waaw         w as in way                    و
28.Yaa ’            y as in yell                     ي

Free Trail Class

Each letter has 4 forms (which look very similar to each other

– when you write the letter by itself
– when it comes in the beginning of a word
– when it comes in the middle of a word
– when it comes at the end of a word
– The forms you saw in the chart above are when the letter is by itself
– here’s an example of the letter Baa in all 4 forms
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