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May23, 2018
by Ayat Institute


Through this course, the child will retain a few supplications of the morning and night and realize that these supplications is for ensuring him. He likewise will learn different supplications like, what he should state before eating, when going into the restroom, and when going into the house and receiving in return. Supplications in his approach to mosque, when enter, and when exit.

He will likewise take in some of Allah (SWT) names, and their significance. What’s more, how might we make dua by utilizing these names. He will take in a portion of the prophet’s hadiths, and will learn through them how the prophet had great and respectable behavior.

Instructor will urge the understudy to take after the honorable and unwavering prophet (PBUH). He additionally will take in a portion of his sirah, which is an entrance to know his incredible partners. He will know how incredible were them, and how they had awesome and respectable qualities since they takes after their prophet (PUH).

Through this course, the will be shown level one of the Islamic studies for kids. In this online course understudy will learn nuts and bolts of Tawheed, sirah, hadith, tafsir, and some great behavior and decorums.

He will realize that Allah is one, he is the maker, the provider of life, All-Hearing. He will think about Iman-The Faith of A Muslim; which incorporates; the errand person of Allah, the holy messengers, the book of Allah.

This course incorporates clarification of the five mainstays of Islam, Al-Masjid, Al-Adhan, How would he be able to perform Wudhu? The five every day petitions and how he performs them. There is a piece of the life story of the prophet (PUH). Child will retain some Dhikr and Du’aa. He will take in some great conduct like utilizing the correct hand, Etiquette of utilizing can, behavior of eating and drinking, manners of going out, decorum of resting. He will figure out how to manage guardians.





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