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-part-6:  Al-IQLAB(NOON SAKINAH) الإقلابَ

Al-IQLAB  الإقلابَ

AL-IQLAB mean : turn over

Is to change one letter into the other one.
It is the
changing of Noon sakinah or Tanween into a MEEM م when followed by Ba  ب with the observance of the ghunnah and the hiding of meem.


Means that when noon sakinah is followed by ba ( (ب in the same word or noon sakinah and tanween at the end of a word and ba the first letter of the next word it is then required that the reader changes noon sakinah or tanween into a hidden meem with a ghunnah present so that no trace of noon sakinah or tanween is left.

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How to pronounce hidden meem?

* Pronouncing the hidden meem by closing the lips and holding the meem for the length of the ghunnah, then opening them with the baa.
You may note that most copies of the Qur’an have very small meem
َ مwritten over letter noon نor the second dammah or fat-hah or kasrah of the tanween is replaced by a small meem.

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