The ten qiraat are ten different readings or recitations of Quran, and each one has its own recitation and Tajweed rules that may change the pronunciation of the word entirely, without any single difference in the meanings of the verses of Quran. Allah the Almighty said: ( it was descended by The honest spirit to your heart for you to be one of the warners, in a clear Arabic tongue).

Ten qirat and seven Ahruf:

When you start to learn-ten-qirat you will understand the difference between qirat and Ahruf.

Prophet Muhammad -Peace and blessings be upon him- said: (This Quran was revealed in seven letters, all of them are healer enough, so read as you have learned), here the word (letters) means in Arabic (Ahruf), this  means seven dialects because different tribes pronounced and spelled words differently, so the revelation of the Quran in seven different dialects made its recitation and memorization much easier for the various tribes. These seven letters or dialects are not the Qirat, they were the beginning of the emergence of the qirat, otherwise the qirat would be only seven Qiraat the same as the number of letters, but the Qiraat are ten not seven.

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Why to learn-ten-qirat?

Although it seems to be difficult, its recommended for each Quran scholar to learn-ten-qirat, and there are many reasons to be keen to learn-ten-Qirat, among them: 

 -Blessings and Barakah you gain when you learn-ten-qirat of the Holy Quran. 

-Enjoying different beautiful approach of recitation of the Holy Quran.

-Learn-ten-qirat facilitates your memorization of Quran.

-when you learn-ten-qirat you will be blessed by being tied to the long blessed chain of narrators back to the Prophet Muhammad – peace and blessings be upon him.

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-placing certainty in your heart, and strengthen your faith, as the more you study Quran, the more you will make sure that it is a revelation from Allah because when you learn-ten-qirat you will learn that there is not a single contradiction in the verses!

Therefore, blessings be upon those who are keen to learn-ten-qirat!

How to learn-ten-qirat?

The most convenient method to learn-ten-qirat is the online courses as they help you to learn-ten-qirat through one-to-one personalized class, and you can also schedule the time of your classes according to your availability or convenience. It is also the most suitable method for those Muslims who are either Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries.

Online classes also provide an opportunity to learn-ten-qirat with tutors having years of experience meanwhile it might be difficult to contact with them in another why. 

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What are the ten qirat names?

 Each qiraa derives its name from the famous Qari’ (the one who narrated it with an established and  authenticated chain) 

And these are the names of the ten qirat:        

1-Nafie Ibn abd al-Rahman Ibn Abi Naim Al-Madani

2-Abdullah Ibn Kathir Al-Dary Al-Makki.

3-Abu Amr Ibn Alaa Al-Bassri.

4-Abdullah Ibn Amr Al-Yahsbi Al-Shami.

5-Asim Ibn Abi Al-Najood Al-Asadi Al-Kufi.

6-Hamza Ibn Habib Al-Zayat Al-Kufi.

7-Abu Al-Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn Hamza Al- Qasaiy Al-Nahawi Al-Kufi.

8-Abu Jaafar Yazid Ibn Al-qaqaa Al-Madani.

9-Yaqoub Ibn Ishaq Al-Hadrami Al- Basri.

10-Khalaf Ibn Hisham.