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Assalam ALikum

what prevent you to learn Quran ?

maybe :

1-Time (you don’t have enough time for you or your kids).
2-money (the Quran companies take much money per hours ).
3-place (there aren’t Quran teacher in my country ).

good news we have solutions for these issues.


quran reading online free

First (Time): flexible of time means any time you prefer because we have teachers team are working on the morning and the night .

Second (money):we have two system :

1-paid system (just pay 3 USD per class it’s considered lowest price in all over the internet).
features of system:
– one to one.
– you choice time.
– you choice teacher.
– free trial class.
-and more.

islamic classes online
you can look forward to our courses here

2-free system :if you can’t pay money you can attend quran class every friday.

Third (place) :You can take Quran class anywhere in the world from you home you just need computer or smartphone and internet (is it easy?).

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