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Mistakes in tajweed

December10, 2017
by Ayat Institute

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-Part-2  Mistakes in tajweed:

The scholars have divided the types of mistakes one might fall into when reciting the Qur‟an into two types :

لحن جلى

CLEAR MISTAKES                                                                 

The Clear mistakes must be avoided by all and to avoid them one must know the rules
of Tajweed.
If a person falls into the Clear Mistakes, this is considered a sin and Ibn Taymiyyah even
regarded it undesirable for a Student of Knowledge (i.e. someone who knows Tajweed)
to pray behind a person who makes clear Mistakes in their Salaah.
Very Obvious and can be felt
Changes the meaning of Quran‟s Words
Must Avoid it at every Cost
These mistakes are Haram

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لحن خفى


• The ruling on Hidden/ unobvious is lighter and the recitation of a person falling into this type of
mistake is regarded as lacking in completeness.
• A mistake that although does not change the meaning of Quranic words but the beauty of the words diminishes
• Reading against the rules of different letters falls under this category.
• This mistake is “makrooh” (disliked) Also it could be Haram  if done intentionally.
Examples : -To overlook the rules of the thick / full mouth (tafkheem) letters and the thin / empty mouth.
(tarqeeq) letters.
• Not to adhere to the rules of ith’har, idghaam and ikhfaa in their respective places whilst reciting the Qur’an.

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Comments (2)

Assalamu alaykum

I found a big mistake in this article. The picture of the clear mistakes are mentioned at the hidden mistakes. It’s very important to be careful with information like this, especially because it’s easily available on the internet. BarakAllaahu feek.

jazakallah khair
We change the image position.

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