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if you Muslim this post for you , when do you start learn Quran and islamic rules ? maybe in the future but we don,t know our future will come or not, or come without preparing anything.

Which is prevent you ?


Money or Where

Money ? it isn’t excuse –>> We offer 3 USD Per Class or we offer free classes in a group.

Where ? it’s not problem as well, if you have computer or phone and two eyes, ears, that’s it.

We are in 2019 so online education is everything you can learn what you need in when you need.

So why do you wait for ?


learn quran with tajweed

-Let’s talk about details:

  • 1- One to one classes through skype or zoom .
  • 2- Join us for one or more free trial its free of cost .
  • 3- Choose any time you want through 24 Hours a day.
  • 4- Male and female tutor available.
  • 5- Highly educated staff.
  • 6- Equally helpful for kids and adults.


-It’s Not All Thing:

All of our Teachers From Egypt  ( Arabic native speakers ) so make sure nature of learning Quran and Tajweed.

All of our Teachers have Ijazah and certified from Al Azhar, and have a long experience in teaching Quran and islamic rules.

Whatever you’re female, male, kid, old ,Beginner or Teacher we have staff for All Levels.
We have (Alhamdulillah) female and male teachers have Ijaza in hafs way and other Qur’aat we will give You Ijaza after complete memorization of Quran for free with out additional fees.


if you invite friends you will take discount and reward surely from Allah. Take a look for our Courses: ⇒ SEE DEEP COURSES

if you don’t like teacher we will change him immediately till you will be your right and we Appreciate that.

so give me one reason prevent you to learn Quran , Tajweed , arabic and any islamic stadies.

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