Makharij al Huruf part 2

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-part-23: Makharij al Huruf Or Articulation Points part 2              مخــارج الحـروف الجزء الثانى

There are Five major articulation points.

  1. 1-AL- JAWFََ      الجــوف
  2. The Throat        الحــلــق
  3. The Tongue           اللـسان
  4. The Two lips      الشفتين
  5. The Nasal cavity  الخيشوم 

1-AL- JAWFََ      الجــوف

→ The empty space in the mouth and throat is a place and an articulation point at the same time.

→ The three madd letters (lengthened letters) originates from this non-specific area, these letters‟ finish with the stopping of the sound (That stops with the air) These letters are      الف – واو – ياء 

These three madd letters do not have a specific spacific  space that they finish at like other letters do, Instead these letters finish with the stopping of the sound.
A- ( ى ) The ya’ with sukoon preceded by a letter with kasrah.
B- ( وThe wow with sukoon preceded by a letter with Dammah.
C- ( اThe Alif with a sukoon preceded by a letter with Fathah.

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he word ( نــوحــيهــا contains the three types of madd

2-  THE THROAT ( AL-HALQ )    الحــلــق

There is in the throat three articulation points for six letters These three areas are:

 1-Adnal halq  (أدنى الحلق ) closest part
 2-Wasatal halq ( وسط الحلق) Middle part
 3-Aqsal halq  (أقصى الحلق ) Deepest part

like This form:

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– The deepest part of the throat ( أقـصـى الحـلـق)means the farthest part from the mouth and closest to chest) from here two letters are articulated     ءَ  هــ

– The middle part of the throat وســط الحــلــقwhere two letters emerge َ ع  ح

–  The closest part of the throat ( أدنى الحــلـقmeans the closest to the mouth) from here two letters emerge  غ  خ 

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