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-part-16: The RANKS OF GHUNNAH


in the first what is meaning of  Ghunnah.   غنة 

Is defined as: A nasal sound that is emitted from the nose. This is a required characteristic of the Noon نand Meem .   ن  –  م
The Ghunnah cannot be separated from these two letters and is an inherent part of their makeup.


RANKS OF GHUNNAH   مرا ِتب الغنة

There are four levels of the ghunnah:
1-Most Complete أكمل
2-Complete كاملة
3-Incomplete ناقصة
4-Most Incomplete أنقص
1-Most complete ghunnah : Is the longest ghunnah
– In Noon and Meem Mushadadah(with shaddah)
– In Idgham with ghunnah
) if Noon sakinah or tanween followed by one of these letters ) ن ،م ،ي ، و
2-Complete ghunnah :Is the second longest ghunnah(not as long as the most complete ghunnah )
-In Al-ikhfaa‟ Alhaqiqi
-Alikhfaa As-shafawi ,Aliqlab
3-Incomplete ghunnah : This ghunnah is shorter in timing than the complete ghunnah
-Noon and Meem sakinah that are recited with ith-har
4-Most Incomplete ghunnah : This is the shortest ghunnah of all
– The Noon and Meem with vowels.
Note:The difference in timing between these different categories of
ghunnah is very minute.

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