Makharij al Huruf part 4

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-part-25: Makharij al Huruf Or Articulation Points part 4              مخــارج الحـروف الجزء الرابع

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There are Five major articulation points.

  1. 1-AL- JAWFََ      الجــوف
  2. The Throat        الحــلــق
  3. The Tongue           اللـسان
  4. The Two lips      الشفتين
  5. The Nasal cavity  الخيشوم 



1-  ( ف ) The Faa is articulated between the inside of the lower lips and the tips of the two front incisors.

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2- ( ب  م  و ):

(بThe Baa is articulated from closing the two lips together, stronger closing than meem.

( م )The meem is articulated from closing the two lips together, sharing ghunnah (nasalization) from nasal cavity  الخيشوم.

( و )The un lengthened wow is articulated by forming a circle of the two lips.


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The Nasal cavity (passage): The hole in the nose that continues back towards inside the mouth.
Ghunnah is articulated from this place.

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Ghunnah is a nasal sound not a letter written coming from the nasopharynx without any influence from the tongue. If you hold your nose closed you will not be able to produce the ghunnah sound, but the letters Noon and Meem themselves that have this associated sound with them are not articulated
from the nose.
Ghunnah is a characteristic of Noon and Meem prevalent more when they have a shaddah on them.
The length of Ghunnah differ according to the rule applied of Noon or Meem.

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