The Rules of Meem Saakinah

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-part-8: The Rules of Meem Saakinah

The Rules of Meem Saakinah


It is a meem free from any vowel and which has a fixed sukoon when continuing reading and when stopping.
This letter shares ghunnah (nasalization) during pronunciation.

Examples :

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The Meem saakinah has three rules:

1. Al-Ikfaa’ As-shafawi (oral hiding).

2. Al-Idgham As-saghir(Idgham mutamathilyne saghir) (The small merging).

3. Al-Ith-har (idhhar)Ash-shafawi (The oral clarity).


AL-IKHFAAASH-SHAFAWI (الإخفاءَالشفويَ):


Al-Ikhfaa means : Hiding

in Tajweed :  The pronunciation of non vowled letter stripped of any shaddah characterized as between clear and merged, with the ghunnah remaining on the first letter which is meem in this case.
Hiding means in between Ith-har and Idgham , The lips close on with the مthe sound is held with a ghunnah for the appropriate period of time, then the lips separate with the letter  ب  .

Shafawi means articulated from the two lips. It has one letter which is  ب

If Meem is followed immediately by Ba and this does not occur except in between two words ,we then hide the meem with accompanying ghunnah.

Examples :

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