– QUALITIES OF LETTERS OR SIFAAT AL HUROOF PART -3   صفات الحروف الجزء الثالث
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Without Opposites Permanent Qualities الصفات اللازمة غير المتضادة

1- As-Safeer –( الصفير)

• Literally means the whistle.
• Technically it is the natural occurrence of a whistle like sound emitted while pronouncing the letters.
• The following letters contain this quality: ( س ص ز)

Note: This sound is not a forced sound, but one that should come out naturally with the letters.
Some may have difficulty producing this characteristic if they have a large over bite of the teeth. This can be overcome if the lower jaw is protruded so that the upper and lower teeth align.
Another reason for the incorrect muting of this characteristic is if the tip of the tongue is pressed up with force on the plates of the teeth.
If a small space remains between the tongue and the plates, the whistle can be emitting easily. sound of whistle strong in س ز ، ص than more The arrangement according to the strength of whistle ص ز س.

2. Al-Leen – ( اللين)

• Literally, it means softness.
• Technically, it means the articulation of the letter from its makhraj with a natural ease and softness present in the letter.
• The following letters have this quality:
• Waw sakinah ( و ) with a fatha on the letter before it
• Yaa sakinah ( ى ) with a fathah on the letter before it.

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4. Al-Inhiraf – ( الأنحراف )

• Literally it means to deviate.
• Technically it is the slight deviation of the tongue towards the makhraj of raa while pronouncing laam and towards laam while pronouncing raa.
• This quality is found in only the following two letters: ( ل ر )

letter لام The tip of the tongue sticks at the articulation point of the لام ) as in sheddah), the sound then deviates off the sides of the tongue (as in rakhawa) which is used also for the articulation point.


Letter راء sticks at the left and right of the very tip to the second part of the articulation point ie. the gums of the two front teeth as in (sheddah) then A small space at the very tip of the tongue is
made so the sound can escape out the mouth as in (rakhawa) and trillilng التكرار is therefore avoided, The tip of tongue is somewhat cupped for this small space to occur in the middle of the tip.
This is the reason both of these letters have the characteristic of Tawasut توسط instead of Rakhawa or Sheddah (شدة أو رخاوة.


4. At-Takreer – ( التكرير)

• Literally means repetition.
• Technically means the trilling of the tongue while pronouncing a letter that causes the letter to be pronounced more than once.
• This is found only in ( ر )
Note: – Unlike other qualities, we must abstain from this quality while pronouncing this letter.

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