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March5, 2018
by Ayat Institute

tafseer surah fatiha

Surah Fatiha (THE OPENING ) This Surah is called Al-Fatihah, that is, the Opener of the Book, the Surah with which prayers are begun. It is also called, Umm Al-Kitab (the Mother of the Book), accordin

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March4, 2018
by Ayat Institute

VISION OF Ayatinstitute

VISION OF Ayatinstitute Bring Muslims back to the Qur’an and help in bringing up a Qur’anic generation who recites the Qur’an, understands it, practices it, and conveys it to others. The objective is


March4, 2018
by Ayat Institute

Ramadan For Quran reading

Ramadan is Month of Quran Reading. To many non-Muslims, Ramadan is about fasting, and later, feasting. But Muslims know Ramadan as the month of the Quran, a time when the book is recited, read and reh

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March1, 2018
by Ayat Institute

kids and quran

kids and quran: Memorizing the entire Quran is a dream many Muslim parents today have for their children. And indeed, this is a goal nobler than many if not all others. However, after kids have memori

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